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Successful Case study: Supplying content

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Hot WeChat Channel ——'This is America'

Averaging 2 pages per week at 100k+

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Top 5 Global Real Estate —— Cushman & Wakefield

WeChat official account management

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Top 3 London Chinese Restaurant —— Bright Courtyard Club

Providing a bespoke advertisement article for‘house special New Year lobster promotion’which, as a result, went viral within the London UK Chinese community.

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With a special appearance and supporter of the event from Hong Kong, renowned director Gao Zhisen. Plans to hold a British media press meeting and announcement.

Event Planning
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Street Food Channel Series: Hai Li Nao Ying Lun

Online Video Marketing
Image placeholder

Campaigning for the London fashion week and causing the whole internet to explode

KOL Marketing
Image placeholder

The World’ three major, an annual British debutante ball —— Queen Charlotte's Ball Delivering 2016 annual Public Relations Article

Branding and Management
Image placeholder

Global cross border payment service provider myMoney® celebratory event

Image placeholder

Celebrating the successful partnership with world renowned department store Harrods, London UK

Branding and Management